Danlou Marine started business in 1992. They were part of the Danlou Motors cc. that started business in 1971 in Windhoek, Namibia, selling used vehicles. During 2002 a new branch under the name Danlou Marine opened in Klerksdorp on the corner of Pres.Kruger & Siddle str. This was done to extend more service towards customers and focus on a bigger workshop and asseccories department. Only recently (2011/03/01) Danlou Marine was registered   under the name, The boat & quad world cc. t/a Danlou Marine. They do business in the marine side, quads, RTV�s, motor vehicles, tractors, forklifts and generators. Danlou Marine is very well known in the marine industry and own their own brand name nl. the "Wild" series of boats.


Their Danlou Marine inflatable rubberduck racing team has won numerous SA Championships as well as individual World Championships.


Danlou Marine and Quad became the South African no.1 dealer in selling Linhai quads in 2010. During 2011 they were nominated dealer of the year for Linhai and overall the no.2 dealer for Polaris and Linhai combined.



Their new premises under the name Danlou Agri has opened in Nov2011 on the N12 rout in Klerksdorp. This branch will concentrate on selling Agri products like tractors, TLB�s, generators, forklifts  and be helpful towards the farming community.